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             We are Fred & Pat Wellings.  We have decided to take the venture into a smaller breed.  After much research into the breeds, we have decided that the Swedish Vallhund was the breed that fit our requirements.  We wanted to stick to the herding group & I like wash & wear dogs (bath & dry & you're ready to go).  Grooming once a week is usually enough except during shedding season (Spring & Fall).  These little dogs are great bundles of energy & are a fun dog to have.  I have never laughed as much in my life as I have since purchasing this little girl as a puppy.  They are a herding dog, love to play, love to work, are great in shows, conformation, herding, obedience, agility, tracking & any other sport you would like to pursue, or as an excellent family companion.  They learn very quickly.  They are very loving & like to be with their people.

            Our Swedish Vallhund & German Shepherd Dogs get along very well together.  Swedish Vallhunds are noted for getting along well with other dogs of all breeds.

            A big THANK YOU  to Ulla Gamberg of Vastgota Swedish Vallhunds for trusting us with one of her beautiful Swedish Vallhund girl.  We love our little girl (Swedish Vallhund-SV for short) Vastgota Nova Mayflower ST.  Nova has an excellent show record & just needs a 2pt. major to finish her Canadian Championship.

Big!!  Big!!  News!!!!!



We are so proud of our "Nova".  Nova goes
Best in Specialty at the 2012 Canadian Swedish Vallhund National Specialty
 on August 18, 2012 in Brockville, Ontario.
also on the same day,
Nova finishes her PCD Obedience degree.
Nova is now known as
A big thank you to Swedish Judge:  Annika Ulltveit-Moe

Nova received her Certificate as  # 2 Swedish Vallhund in Canada for 2011,
 2012 & 2013

And as well,

Best of Opposite Sex at the Puppy Sweepstakes on the same day
Thank you to Judge:  Diane Bell

"Flash"  -  Nova finishes her Canadian Championship, with a Group 2nd. & a Group 3rd. at Miramichi Kennel Club shows                        on Sept. 24 & 25, 2011 (at 13 mths. of age), under Judges Thomas Burke & David Markus respectfully.

News   -   Nova wins the Herding Group at the Atlantic Top Dog Awards held on Saturday October 29, 2011, (at 14 mths. of                     age) under Judges Thomas Burke, Sandy Alexander,  &  Doug McIntyre.

"A Big Thank you to all the judges who rewarded Nova with her Group placings & her BPIG placings"

And now coming to join "Nova" (Ch. Vastgota Nova Mayflower ST), again from Premium Breeder Ulla Gamberg is "Nova's" half-sister "Poppy" (Vastgota Mary Poppins LT) to follow in her sisters footsteps while Nova takes the move to the Obedience Ring for  2012.

"Poppy" (Vastgota Mary Poppins LT) goes BPIS twice & Group 4 th. at the CFC shows  in Truro  on  Apr. 28th & 29th, 2012.

Poppy does it again BPIG & Group 3 rd. at the TKC Shows in Amherst on May 19, 2012.

Official Breed Standard of the Swedish Vallhund

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